Welcome! If you're on this page that means someone who cares about you and your inspired, conscious success
has invited you to receive the gift of this newly inspired joy-fuel gathering.

Upgrade your power source, focus, fulfillment.

Enjoy the transformation & tribe of your life.  


You’re invited! It’s time for a whole new conversation about how to create authentic success, make a difference and love your life.

WHEN                                    Wednesday, June 12, XX time

WHERE                                    XXX

WHO                                        Oren Shai host, with Marian Baker, conversation catalyst*


What if one new conversation could change the course of your life & work? Amidst today's challenges, we must evolve into game-changing ways of thinking, being and doing. The old maps won't take us to our best future. We need to gather for fresh ideas, eye-opening insights and smart fuel. Your real joy and prosperity want to emerge and express through you! And there are new “technologies” to master to allow that flow.

What do you truly need now? I look forward to connecting and really discovering what may be “running” you that you are not fully aware of, and really get in there to help you come from your absolute best self. I’m so grateful to hear a new millennial client celebrating, “I am a totally different person” and enjoying how she’s showing up in her leadership and relationships. Another client describes a “permanent shift” within that has her flourishing more as a self-described “Warrior of Love & Compassion” plus validating feedback from her boss and spouse highlights a life that is “more enjoyable at home” and “inspiring employees to bring out their best” while being a healthy, well-rounded human being and role model.

What does it really take to be the change you really want?

Gandhi didn’t say, “Try harder to figure out the data-driven, strategic plan or self-improvement tips to achieve the change.” He said, “I empty myself to become an instrument…”

This transformational work and right tribe will finally be the breakthrough for you to upgrade your deeper inner mastery and mobilize your higher outer mission…to be an instrument of that Inspired Source of Power, in your zone.

Working together we’ll accelerate unleashing your true inspired leadership potential and thus your joy, impact and the unique gift you are here to bring.  

What if the real secret is not trying harder faster smarter to succeed, but hitting the pause button to shift what is running you.

Join us for a provocative conversation and leave more equipped with pragmatic tools for the meaningful, prosperous mission you're meant to enjoy. This is not your parent’s leadership course, old paradigm management tips or fluffy self-help!  If you want to make a difference or make a change, or just enjoy each day flowing better :-) don't miss this chance to wake up to new inspiration inviting your best self out to play.

What’s runnning you?
Thus, what is trying to run your life and your business?


Authenticity seems to be becoming a buzzword for the kind of leaders and conscious human beings we want to be in today’s ever-changing climate (business and planet). What the heck does it mean to be your Authentic Self? Authenticity comes from the roots Author and Authority. I promise you I have no interest in empty platitudes and shallow self improvement tips. I want you to be equipped to become the master of your energy; to not have old conditioned programming trying to be the CEO of your life any longer. You get to upgrade into a new CEO- Compassionate Energy Optimizer for your self first, and then everyone and everything you care about.

*What are you being invited into?

There are at least two levels of answering this! Audio greeting and questions for you to ponder from Marian:

There are many executive coaches and leadership training. Marian is unique. Clients say she has “the mind of a CEO and the nature of a yogi.”  Her work may be like Jedi training- inner energy mastery and outer missions optimized beyond the typical “inner game” or mindfulness popularized for mass appeal.

You can learn more in this conscious business article and explore this site as you wish, read about coaching or a new women’s leadership lab and many free resources like power pause audios and much more for your browsing pleasure.

The best way to get a taste (and a chance to be coached!) is to experience Marian’s presence, wisdom and humor in the moment she’s connecting with you and what comes up as what you really need now. So, we look forward to connecting with you soon.

"Marian Baker makes an utterly persuasive case that success in the 21st century requires a combination of spirit and strategy. She shows why high achievers are also seekers, and why productivity depends on passion. Smart professionals who want to wake up each morning looking forward to the day ahead should grab this...” 

-Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind


Know thyself is not a personal indulgence; it is a global imperative. - Paul Quinn

On the human chessboard, all moves are possible. -Miriam Schiff

Marian Baker has been named one of 50 top executive coaches and is the award-winning author of Wake Up Inspired; Fuel Healthier Success and Love the Life You’re Meant to Lead. She’s spoken at Google, Kellogg, University of Chicago, Conscious Business Network, fueled smart leadership, mindfulness & compassion at places like LinkedIn, been featured on ABC-TV, The Chicago Tribune and more. Her Inspired Leadership Lab and integrative business models explore the root of the root to unleash the best of human potential for a new paradigm of sustainable success and a new kind of leadership for our evolving future.

It might help to hear a sampling of client experiences, in their own words:

1) Marian brings a unique and perfectly balanced blend of intuition and business savvy to her work. She’s guided me to an extraordinary depth of understanding about myself and my inner workings. She brings a vast array of tools and approaches to each conversation, creating powerful opportunities to reflect upon issues, tap feelings, and generate commitment to focused action. I’m grateful to Marian for the skillful way she’s re-introduced me to me and for the tools she’s equipped me with. My only wish is that I’d found Marian’s wisdom years ago!”- Julie G.

2) With intriguing spiritual insights, down-to-earth humor, and pragmatic business sensibility, [this work] will have you believing that you can indeed wake up inspired, and equip you to create this as a daily reality. Marian has coached me for several years and I learn more with each and every session. - Dr. Beverly Kaye, Founder, Career Systems International

3) I can't say enough about how valuable working with Marian has been for me. It’s been exactly what I needed, to get me focused, to keep me in check, to motivate me to increase my consciousness about my life and work.   - Kevin M

4) Working with Marian was the best coaching experience I have had (as client) over my 15 years in the coaching field. I transformed my uncertainty into focused, joyful commitment and action. Years later, I continue to use the tools she shared. 
- Dorothy L., master certified coach

5) In the most compassionate way I have ever experienced from another human being, Marian showed me all the tools that I have right inside me. When to have patience, when to standup, when to walk away, how to turn situations around. Get ready to be opened to a new level of self (be it professionally, personally, or spiritually) that can last a lifetime.” – Brynn R.

6)  Working with Marian has simply transformed my life. She has helped me unearth my mission of creating positive social impact. She knows how to bring out the greatness in me. She has superhuman EQ and is intrinsically motivated to inspire her clients. She has a delightful way of gaining understanding of what makes me tick, what my inner most intentions are and what obstacles may be impeding my progress. She "gets" me.  She sometimes knows me better than I know myself. She nudges and supports me, more importantly, she knows how to effectively challenge me. Why do I especially love coaching calls this time of year with Marian that are focused on planning for the future? I am predominantly a left-brained, linear thinker.  Marian has the unique ability to tap my right brain, creative side. This dramatically transforms the nature of my energy and thinking around planning and creating an inspiring vision of the future. For example, in a recent call with Marian, I progressed from contemplating another boring business plan template to an energizing outline to "Fuel My Inner Warrior Mission for this year"...and began the exciting process to articulate my "2020 Vision."  Marian rocked my world!   -Bob A.

7)  Every day I get to experience the sweet satisfaction of doing work that I love, and it makes me smile.

I am now better prepared for challenges and ability to create more joyful flow with work, colleagues, family and friends.

Marian’s ability to drop the clutter and fortify the foundations of your innermost wishes and desires is brilliant. She has experience, knowledge, all the coolest tools, and a boatload of heartfelt compassion for those of us in the trenches. You couldn’t ask for a better partner through the thick and the thin.

I get a safe place to bounce ideas around. Imagine being able to say your wildest thoughts and dreams and not worry about being judged!

There is now someone in my life who is working for me; who listens, and listens, and challenges, and pokes, and prods, and then whoosh I’m off to the drawing board as a flood of ideas take shape.

Who would have thought I’d have such a consistent partner, champion, guide and expert working with me to bring the best possible solutions and opportunities, and encouraging me to step up on the stage and take that chance?

I know that Marian loves what she does, it comes through in every call we have. After much work, I too love what I do as my livelihood, and it’s great to experience the possibilities that are an outpouring of the creative energy we generate together on a coaching call. It’s magic.

I’m keep coaching to keep those possibilities and opportunities growing.  - S.S.

8) I’m a totally different person. - Laura W.

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