The Best Question to Ask Yourself on V-Day

Once upon a time a leader at Coaches Training Institute dubbed me “the queen of powerful questions.” Now, upon the privilege of working with bright, evolving leaders for 20 years, I have a humbling appreciation for how the most powerful questions are often so simple. A client was on a panel for The Executive Club of Chicago about Passion, not just Performance. She told them that her life changed when we looked at the simplest question:

What makes your heart sing?

So, you're invited to PAUSE and ask yourself that question today. Even if you think you've done it a thousand times. Imagine your best self feeling grateful and proud at your 80th birthday party. What’s making your heart sing on that day? Consider who’s toasting you, why, your impact on each other, and anything else your Future Self wants to point out. Travel in time a bit to your deathbed. What’s making your heart feel glad about the fulfilling, truly successful, inspired life you chose to lead? What might your heart regret or wish had been different?

How does this inspire your priorities and choices this week, this year?

This could be a wonderful gift for yourself and the people & projects you really care about. Happy Valentine’s Day!