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What greater fulfillment and impact wants to emerge in your livelihood & leadership? How many days end up eaten up by accidental inertia more than new inspiration and higher intentions? What’s been running you? What’s trying to run the world? Who do you want to be in this precious chance we’ve been given? What if you had a place to pause, reclaim your true self, and reboot coming from your infinite potential, while having fun hanging out at a new kind of pub that calms you down and lifts you up to fuel your best life, business & beyond.

W E L C O M E t o t h e n e w P A U S E P U B
fueling the essence of inspired leadership; inner power, outer potential

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If you haven’t already read Hit the Pause Button, Why Meditate; Myths, Moguls & Miracles, you might want to start there (and, hey, feel free to peruse the Pause Pub however you wish).

‘Work smarter, not harder.’ I think that is really what meditation has done for me.
-Marnie Abramson, CEO


At the core of existence there is not one single problem or challenge, no resistance, nothing to defend
or attack, no guilt or shame. At the very core of every life is the gift of Love, Love as life, Love as expression, Love as gratitude. -Rumi

Why are we here?

What do you need? Even the most serene sage among us must be aware of all the drama, stress and challenges in today’s leadership crisis, employee engagement deficit, climate change, political climate, loneliness epidemic, or what might be most relevant on your radar. Never mind just keeping up with your business and personal life. So, the Pause Pub is certainly a place for respite and renewal. What might be the deeper purpose? What do we want to create, not complain about? Potential Unleashed for a Better world? Imagine “getting drunk on” that intention and feeding the best in us.

I wonder about that voice inside our heads (whether we are fully aware of it or not) that almost constantly asks, Am I OK? Is it going to be OK? And its cousin that chimes in with, What do I need to DO (to be OK, insidiously trying to get something from somewhere or someone to satisfy this)? And because of this, we spend most of our lives trying to make ourselves feel OK (no matter how sophisticated or clever all the stories, strategies and successful accomplishments may appear). Less familiar, but infinitely more powerful, is a space that can hold all of that, no matter what, and remind you that you are indeed absolutely OK. Much more powerful than the default of What do I need to do? is a space of knowing your being underneath all the questions. And, as simple as this sounds, this makes all the difference in the world for how your life flows—every chance, every yes or no, every conversation, every mission- from tiny tasks to paradigm-shifting movements :-) That is why I am here. My life’s fascination is to facilitate that shift from trying (coming from uh-oh, am I OK?) to remembering our being, (coming from absolute okayness) so that our doing becomes inspired. Inspired doing flows from limitless compassion, creativity and infinite potential rather than conditioned constraints and accidental self-sabotage. This is the invitation of my deepest heart’s calling. I am here to meet you wherever you are and also see you for who you truly are, and remind you of why you are here in this life, and together enjoy the journey we are here to explore. We get to be curious about real power, true potential and have fun with pragmatic ways to actually live up to what’s possible.

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom. -Victor Frankl

The intention of this new Pause Pub is to be a space for that space. Please have a seat. What would you like to drink or drink in? It is indeed our pleasure to serve :-)

One very practical intention of this new pub is to be a resource hub and meeting space devoted to the best pause offerings I am meant to share with you. One of my Am I OK? voices said, Geez, who needs one more minute of mindfulness information? A wiser voice intoned, Precisely the point! We could offer a curated, digestible menu of the best tools and teachers with a sweet spot of inspired leadership, consciousness in business and a truly new paradigm of sustainable success emerging.

There are countless teachings & techniques being called meditation out there (253 million hits, Google search). I’ve pushed myself to offer “take five” lists of only 5 where appropriate for short-order menus at the new pub. I’ve researched many adult development/leadership/transformational growth programs for decades. I’ve been meditating and teaching/ coaching/inventing various ways to hit the pause button for more than 20 years. And I’ll probably be practicing beginners mind, always humbled and fascinated as a learning geek about this stuff until I die.

We’ll include “beginner” apps and free drop-in meditation as well as more “advanced” approaches and explorations. We’ll serve up tastes to sample and play with growth edge experiments in our inspired leadership lab together. The vision is for this to become a co-created, community pub (lots of offerings free to the public) with a great menu of ways to hit the pause button (including “sides” like music and other inspiration fuel). We look forward to gatherings and fun kindred spirit connections to help you flourish. There will also be ways to have a private conversation to go deeper, join practice circles, or have pause parties for the just right collection of people you want, and so on.

As mentioned, this Pause Pub inspiration started with meditation, but it became obvious that the levels and benefits of pausing could include provocative conversations & coaching, feeling energized from group sharing & support with fellow leaders and wonderful human beings, deeper thoughtfulness for vital business considerations, and more. Let this be a re-charge station (and inner GPS update) to fuel your unique sustainable success. Imagine a VIP one-on-one session at a back booth, or meeting up with your new paradigm inspired leadership group to pause and party in the upstairs lounge. While we might not serve beer, there are no rules against our own sort of open mic, happy hour and spontaneous laughter. Wouldn’t it be great to have a place that you can come hang out, unplug, drop in, gain eye-opening insights, connect with an interesting mix of people interested in positive growth, enjoy the power of pausing and making progress, on your own and together, all with no hangovers? :-)


What do you really want to empower?

      Pop into the pub and hit the pause button with us to:

  • Unplug from being “left to your own devices” to optimize what you really want to achieve.

  • Connect to your true power source and infinite potential. 

  • Plug in to community in easy, efficient ways to drop in and reboot. 

  • Have fun “clinking glasses” to celebrate waking up inspired, fueling each other to be our best selves, and fall asleep grateful.

misha devlin buddha.jpg
Know thyself is not a personal indulgence. It is a global imperative.- Paul Quinn

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