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Please enjoy these Quick Sips- quotes & such as a way to pause, breathe, and drink in the potential gift of awareness from a few minutes of contemplation. You could use this as a daily jolt of inspiration in the morning, and afternoon tea break or night cap. Option- journal a bit after that. Unplug, read, sit, write. These could also be a great way to begin a time of sitting in silence. You’re invited to digest these slowly, savoring each sip.

The real issue in life is choice. If you had a car that could only turn one way, would you say that it is free? If it ran around crashing into things, denting its fenders and wasting all its fuel, would you shrug and say, “That’s the automotive nature. That’s my car’s mode of self-expression”? It would take you a long time to get anywhere, and where you arrived would not be up to you.
— Eknath Easwaran

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