Do you want to shift from "driven" to INSPIRED? 

Welcome. You're in the right place. There is a fierceness wanting to roar inside of you...To not let you betray your True Self. To direct you to your optimal impact and fulfillment. It may be like a whisper more than a roar at times. Nonetheless, there is a life force that wants the best for you, and to be fierce Love expressing through you in pragmatic actions in the world. My lioness heart shows up to catalyze and champion the greatest potential in you, your business, and our evolving, truly prosperous future. We'll dive deeper to transform hidden obstacles you may not be aware of. And reach higher to have your inspired mission truly thrive.

Gallup reports tell us we have a worldwide employee engagement crisis. Forbes reminds us we have a leadership crisis. You need to keep up with rapidly changing market conditions, new competition, and all your beeping devices. You've been taught to solve problems with strategic plans, and goal setting in "war room meetings." There's a cacophony of carnival barkers promising new ways to innovate & meditate & monetize. Self-help gurus want you to keep improving, but not really. And, oh, you're supposed to be the Chief Inspiration Officer for all these people when you may not be feeling it yourself (in those hidden, secret conversations inside your head.) What's up with that?

You inherited hard work and responsibility. How is that going when you look across a spreadsheet or across the room in a meeting, or into the eyes of loved ones, and when you really look inside your heart on Monday morning? I have good news. What will actually bust open your greatest fulfillment and legacy in synch with your true spirit is a whole new way to relate to trust and play, not more figuring things out and working harder. 

What you really need is RESPONSE-AGILITY. 

You've heard "unleash your potential" and "authentic self" enough that they can become platitudes or even painful. Let's stop that right now. I want you to be waking up inspired, effectively flowing with purpose, integrating passion & profit, and falling asleep grateful - pleased and proud of how you've invested your energy. Even though you are super intelligent and savvy in many ways, if you're reading this, chances are you are not fully in alignment with who you really are meant to be, and what you are here to do. I'm here to help you do nothing less than that! Leaders tell me they can talk with me on multiple dimensions (that they have not discovered at the same level with others) that's effective and efficient for creating breakthroughs in blending their own true spirit path, inner world, and the pragmatic business world. I sense that there are some of us that are integrative hybrids, emerging now for this new paradigm of leadership and what wants to run the world. :-) We are being called to be the change, really. My role is to see you differently than maybe anyone else has, and champion you... to know that you are not alone, and do not dare settle for less than your highest potential, and we can absolutely do this! 

What the world needs now is LOVE. Leaders for Our Vital Evolution. What each conscious leader needs is upgraded access to the true Power Source of an infinite, unconditional, fierce Love (illuminating some older conditioning messing with your inner operating system) that finally unleashes and mobilizes your greatest potential. And we get to have fun evolving beyond business as usual! Better lives. Better business. Better world. 

The Inspired Leadership Lab is a space for provocative discussions and transformational work to equip growth-edge, conscious leaders like you, with game-changing insights, practical tools, and support. We'll clear obstacles beyond the usual suspects. We'll dig deeper and reach higher. You'll gain wise habits with benefits lasting the rest of your life, and enjoy being part of something greater- a new breed of Inspired Leadership that could impact generations to come. 

This is not typical leadership training, or shallow coaching. We get to evolve into new ways of thinking, being, doing. To really explore fresh ideas and smarter fuel, equipping you to be master of your own energy, thus transform how you show up, enjoy each day and accomplish what really matters. To discover new ways of collaborating and innovating, co-creating possibilities beyond the hobgoblins of just our left-brain, pre-conditioned minds. We get to leverage the best of mindfulness and modern growth.

Imagine a new "I.T" (Inner Technology) infusing you and your people with smart Inspiration Tools for healthier success, new breakthroughs, and creative solutions. 

Imagine a renewable energy system for optimizing human potential and sustainability.

Imagine a new kind of Integrative Business, a positive flow of the best inner wisdom and outer performance. 

What difference could this make for you, your organization, and beyond? 

It's time for this real shift to be activated & nourished in you, and in our culture.

What do You need?

Why are you here? Tell me about your desires for something to shift or evolve in your leadership, business, mission, life.

How do you want to be feeling? What do you want to fuel more? What else would really support you well? How could you let your life be a greater gift to the evolution of humanity? What is your true work that lights you up and lights the way for others? What if this could be the most amazing year ever?  

My absolute desire for you is that you do wake up inspired, feel renewed, energized, and love your life so that it naturally flows out to make a difference, in ways we can't achieve from just a strategic plan.  

"Still round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate..." to an adventure of inspired mission living that your conditioned mind could not have imagined. I promise you it's possible. Actually it's time. 

Are you ready to learn the secrets of what it really takes? 

It does all start with one question.