Podcast & Power Pause (Guided Practice) Audios:

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A surprise gift about “Be the CHange” on Gandhi’s 150th Birthday


"Be the change" might have been said by a high school teacher in the 70's. I love where this story leads. :-) Check out the podcast and enjoy the meditation to set yourself up to wake up to real joy.

Do you want to be FREE?


Real freedom starts inside our hearts and minds! I am humbled and grateful for discovering the layers of thinking (from old stories, strategies) that cover up my true freedom to be my absolute best self. Join me in having compassion for this human conditioning default and in re-committing to setting ourselves free. We get to wake up to who we really are now and choose to create a brand new possibility every day. This quote inspired a LinkedIn post and a new Power Pause practice. Breathe and set yourself free!