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Do you want to be FREE?


Real freedom starts inside our hearts and minds! I am humbled and grateful for discovering the layers of thinking (from old stories, strategies) that cover up my true freedom to be my absolute best self. Join me in having compassion for this human conditioning default and in re-committing to setting ourselves free. We get to wake up to who we really are now and choose to create a brand new possibility every day. This quote inspired a LinkedIn post and a new Power Pause practice. Breathe and set yourself free!

What planning my death brought to Life!

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Here’s the audio version of this article:

New guided meditation to let death bring more life to your life with even greater joy and prosperous flow:


2 Powerful Questions

Audio version (from written text):

This Power Pause guided practice goes a bit deeper- try it on here:

I just got off an Inspired Leadership Lab call with a wonderful client who lost a very dear friend. His grief is both personal and for the loss of this unique, special human being on the planet. The privilege of being with him about this (for the past hour plus) has inspired me to revisit a post I sent out yesterday with even more care and invite you to love and respect yourself to join this PAUSE- for your own flourishing and for the mission you are here to joyfully serve. 

2 minutes, 2 questions. Here are two extremely powerful questions, if you let them be that for you.

  1. Why am I here?

  2. What's my most important job?

    How you answer these makes all the difference in the world for you, and ultimately for the world because of you. Let your deeper wisdom and infinite potential answer, (not your schedule or to-do list or expectations of others and all that jazz that normally runs the show) and let the potency of this pause operationalize the rest of your day. Try it every day this week and see what you discover! What if the real secret to flourishing is not trying harder to succeed faster & smarter but hitting the pause button to shift what is running you. Pause to find the calmer, clearer energy that moves you into true strength, higher perspectives, unlimited possibilities and smarter choices.

    With my client, there was a beautiful paradox of encouraging him to be "big and strong" and carry forward his higher mission in honor of his friend's passing, yet start with being willing to be fragile or "needy" too-- and feel the painful feelings all the way-- letting that part feel so seen, loved, held in infinite loving compassion and care. I think that's a message Life wants us all to hear more of now- to be tenderly caring of ourselves and to step up and live up to our greater work in the world. They go together profoundly. We cannot give what we do not let in and experience receiving ourselves first. That can be one way to answer "What is my most important job?" btw- to let LOVE love you, and trust that this will propel you to be the inspired leader contributing what you are here for.   

Be Good to Yourself (& WHy It’s the most unselfish act!)

Your one breath pause counts. Like one vote, one starfish. Hit the pause button today for your own sustainable prosperity, for a movement of a new breed of inspired leadership, for a new world of compassion & innovation & opportunities for ALL of us. You count greatly. We have a precious chance, maybe with a tipping point of leaders, choosing NEW POTENTIAL over old patterns. Your pause matters for generations to come. Think about it. There is a power inside of you that cares and wants to contribute to this new world. Wants you to feel good, be good, do good. Wants you to set yourself up to be coming from your best self. What one new choice will you make TODAY? :-) Happy weekend- be extra good to yourself for a greater good bigger than your self (enjoy the paradox).

Guided Audio inspired from this:

Note: I was spontaneously inspired to post this on LinkedIn last week- and it received the most views (1100+) and comments, so I was intrigued and wanted to pass on this message with the added audio practice to help you fuel coming from best self :-)


I am so grateful for an amazing session with an Inspired Leadership Lab client just now, that I'm compelled to drop my to-do list to share the ahaa's and tools (while still fresh in my mind) to pay this forward with you.

Let's start with this fabulous Martha Graham quote. You've likely seen this many times before. I invite you to slow down, read this twice and let it permeate your consciousness more than ever.

“There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is, nor how valuable it is, nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep open and aware directly to the urges that motivate YOU. Keep the channel open.”

Listen to audio/ podcast here:

LinkedIn article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/mind-shift-ahaa-your-joyful-mission-most-important-marian

The Unbelievable Power of Simply Breathing!

What if there’s a surprising secret to prevent pitfalls of ineffective and un-fun leadership and increase coming from your true potential and fuel joyful success? It may sound too small or simple. But I swear this is foundational to game-changing conscious leadership and all the ripple effects. (Read More) Audio/podcast version of post here:

Let's breathe!

I’m pairing these two audios/ practice helpers for you here with this theme of breathing and simply being.

Here’s a longer meditation from one of my favorite teachers, Adyashanti. Some might say that the Adyashanti meditations are “more advanced.” I don’t know if that’s necessarily so. Try it and see for yourself. Let me know any questions or comments!

Pre-Thanksgiving Proactive Stress Prevention

Here's my gift to bring to the holiday feast of our human family. Please enjoy hitting the pause button with this 5 keys audio and two powerful pause practices. You can use these to set up proactive resilience as well as an inner shift tool if you get triggered or contracted (during the holiday) and want an efficient reboot.

Here’s LinkedIn post with headlines for 5 keys explained in the audio: Proactive Stress Prevention Pre-Thanksgiving; 5 smart keys You'll love to have on hand. Please comment & add your learning/wisdom for how to pause to deal with stress for a better holiday for everyone. :-)

Here’s an introduction and teaching overview to a great Pause “inner shift” practice to use if you are triggered or contracted or any oogly feelings and want an effective reboot:

It takes longer to explain and demo this tool than for you to actually do it, so here’s a three-minute guide:

You may also wish to experiment with your own longer version of this practice for a deeper reboot and inner reprogramming over time. Finally, you can also use this tool for a very short pause and just breathe, name the feeling, have compassion and a quick disruption reboot to get back in the game more able to come from best self. The micro pause will be more readily available to you and effective in short spurts if you have previously done a longer practice.

I woke up inspired (the next day) to add this paragraph: 

Perhaps that is the true secret sauce for your best possible holiday; compassion. Yes to cranberry sauce and a fantastic hollandaise. And, keep pouring on a generous, curious, open compassion; first for yourself and then for everyone. No matter how it looks, they might be doing the best they can in that moment with whatever inner programming is running them. If you feel up to it, go for being your Mahatma (great soul) self this holiday. You can be the source of compassion that shifts the energy for the whole party, like perfuming the air. Without a big fuss or even a need to outwardly say anything; like dogs sniff fear, your compassion will be felt. Let me know how your experiment goes!

A final dollop of wisdom whipped cream; please enjoy this  2 min video about Gratefulness and Thanksgiving.

Busyness or True Business?

This guided Pause experience flowed from this article, ”How to stop busyness from killing your business and happiness.”

Are you perpetuating busyness or open to flowing in sublime stewardship of your inspired true work and prosperous success?

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