"Marian is incredibly gifted in the craft of helping people discover and unlock their potential. She can alternate between cheerleader and devil's advocate thoughtfully and seamlessly. She's got the mind of a CEO and the gentle nature of a yogi." -Roberta M.

"With intriguing spiritual insights, down-to-earth humor, and pragmatic business sensibility, [this work] will have you believing that you can indeed wake up inspired, and equip you to create this as a daily reality. Marian has coached me for several years and I learn more with each and every session." - Dr. Beverly Kaye, Founder, Career Systems International

"In the most compassionate way I have ever experienced from another human being, Marian showed me all of the potential and capabilities that I have right inside me. I learned tools to help me have patience, when to standup, when to walk away, how to turn situations around. Years later, I now realize how I’m flourishing in so many ways due to the tools gained. Get ready to be opened to a new level of self (professionally, personally, or spiritually) that lasts a lifetime.” - Brynn R.

"Reflecting on my development over the last several years, I am repeatedly reminded of all Marian helped me with. I was asked to speak (on behalf of all employees, to a room filled with top executives). I was at ease, strong and able to share a message that moved the room. The president cried and later called me to thank me again for the speech. I thought of Marian and how her spirit helped me be me. My voice is being expressed, heard and appreciated. Thank you!" - Carolyn H.

"I was at the top of my game- nice VP title and shiny MBA. Spitting image of success. Smiling on the outside, I managed to conceal a big secret. I was unfulfilled, slave to my lists, subconsciously relying on them to make me look busy and important. Then I got one of those wake up calls...  I felt as if I had transcended to a whole new level. That may sound dramatic, but my experience with Marian was nothing short of life changing."    - Bobbi M. 

"I'm smiling today as I look at a barrage of Marian quotes on my office wall. (evolved people listen to themselves, rivers do not just change directions easily...) In dealing with things over the past couple weeks, it felt like she was with me, smiling and cheering me on." 

"I'm feeling great today as my partner and I finally made it through some of our big talks. I feel so much lighter. I just can't thank her enough." - Kelly S. 

Marian brings a unique and perfectly balanced blend of intuition and business savvy to her work. She’s guided me to an extraordinary depth of understanding about myself and my inner workings, She brings a vast array of tools and approaches to each conversation, creating powerful opportunities to reflect upon issues, tap feelings, and generate commitment to focused action. I’m grateful to Marian for the skillful way she’s re-introduced me to me and for the tools she’s equipped me with. My only wish is that I’d found Marian’s wisdom years ago!”- Julie G.

"Marian was able to help me focus on and formalize my mission. This effort culminated successfully in the creation of a new organization. I really appreciated her ability to listen well and ask the right questions. She supplies nurturing motivation while making sure that her clients stay on task. I have total confidence in Marian’s ability to assist others is refining and fulfilling their missions." - Robert A.

I was a reluctant coachee. After hearing rave reviews from a friend who was coached by Marian, finally, a few years later, I picked up the phone and called her. She was terrific, explaining the process—the treasure hunting, the discovery, the provocative questions—I signed up though still not convinced that this would make the difference in my life I was seeking. I struggled for weeks. My avoidance behavior kicked in big time. However, with Marian’s support, perseverance, and upbeat attitude I stuck with the coaching process. (It is a process.) Marian made it enjoyable and enlightening. Soon I began to look forward to speaking with her. I re-discovered my gifts, and found where I could link my passion to making a profit.  With Marian’s wise guidance, three months later I managed to clear the way for a new path at age 55. I shared my fears about this dramatic life-change with Marian. She’s helped me understand that I found not just a new way to relate to my work, but a joyful mission! - Maria O. 

Working with Marian has simply transformed my life. She has helped me unearth my mission of creating positive social impact. She knows how to bring out the greatness in me. She has superhuman EQ and is intrinsically motivated to inspire her clients. She has a delightful way of gaining understanding of what makes me tick, what my inner most intentions are and what obstacles may be impeding my progress. She "gets" me.  She sometimes knows me better than I know myself. She nudges and supports me, more importantly, she knows how to effectively challenge me. Why do I especially love coaching calls this time of year with Marian that are focused on planning for the future? I am predominantly a left-brained, linear thinker.  Marian has the unique ability to tap my right brain, creative side. This dramatically transforms the nature of my energy and thinking around planning and creating an inspiring vision of the future. For example, in a recent call with Marian, I progressed from contemplating another boring business plan template to an energizing outline to "Fuel My Inner Warrior Mission for this year"...and began the exciting process to articulate my "2020 Vision."  Marian rocked my world!   - Bob A. 

"Thank you, Marian for breathing oxygen into everything you do. You embody the Jewell lyric, Live a life of love & bravery and you shall lead a life uncommon." - Pam D. 

"I am so pleased with our coaching and connection. I'm seeing results. I am grateful for such an abundance of wonderful things. I'm strong and breathing in a purposeful way. For once, I don't feel overwhelmed. I am driving strong initiatives. I feel like a butterfly, soon to fly out into the sun." - Tiffany S. 

"My process was a very enlightening experience that you helped move me into. I could not have been anywhere near as prepared...My spiritual practices and confidence were really developed while working with you. Thanks much for all our sessions. I am so blessed and grateful." - Kristen J.

"I loved the tools Marian exposed me to. I use them regularly now, years later."- Cathy K.

"Coaching with you has been inspiring and eye opening. I have learned many valuable ways of looking at things that help me tremendously and tools I use daily.“- Nooshin

"Where Marian adds so much value is her ability to help people to develop meaningful, actionable plans while also creating the larger shift to greater confidence and the possibilities within you." - Kelly S.

"She’s probably one of the most upbeat, positive, insightful, nonjudgmental people I have ever met. Each week I came knowing that I would walk away with something new. This helped me to see ways to give to myself and to my community so that I ended up having even more time. Don’t ask me how that can be, because I still don’t know. I just know this was the best investment that I’ve made in a long time.

My life was great. I was in an enriching relationship, work I loved, a social circle and family life that I enjoyed. So why in the world did I need a coach? I didn’t have a clue but that tiny voice in me said, spend the money and find out. Now I know why. All those things are even better and more fulfilling. I’m taking better care of myself. I’m also taking care of other things in the world in a new way." -Barbara W. 

“Working with Marian was the best coaching experience I have had (as client) over my 15 years in the coaching field.” - Dorothy L., master certified coach

"I’m doing my job in a whole new way. I was made Vice President and continue to get better-than-average raises and bonuses. I have Marian to thank.”- Chris L.

"Marian urged and encouraged me to find the desires of my heart and to invest my power in a life that holds true meaning for me. Working with her as my coach has changed my life." - Terry P.

"Through my work with Marian, I have learned so much about myself – what inspires me, what deepens my daily life, what I am passionate about, what I value, and how to prioritize in a way that minimizes regrets. I have learned to listen to my heart, and to feel, speak, and act with more confidence. " - D'Arcy R.

"I can honestly say that every exercise and every insight offered by Marian led me to a revelation. Her style is gentle and strong. Her words are powerful. She asks important questions that help you find within yourself the answers that are needed." - Kathy M.

"My work with Marian helped me realize, finally, that I deserve to feel and be and do what makes me truly happy. I could breathe again! I also learned to accept the process and to not expect dramatic overnight change. Marian helped me cultivate the confidence as well as practical strategies." - Christa G.

"Marian Baker's talk was excellent. Her clarity and spiritual maturity are remarkable."