What are the old ways-we are not even fully aware of- that are getting in the way of the greatest potential wanting to emerge? 

It's so clear by now that many of the ways we've been taught or inherited about how to be a leader, be happy & successful, are like outdated maps that won't lead us into our brightest future. The good news is that we have the technology- outer and inner. Inspired Leadership practices will help you radically shift your mastery with your inner GPS that is always evolving, upgrading, directing you to the greatest possible next move. 

Why are you here? What do you really want? 

Whatever your "outer whats" may be- including business results, leadership legacy, whole life balance and personal fulfillment, I can promise you one thing is true. At the core of what creates all the outer what outcomes, experiences, etc. is your own inner core. 

We think we have many problems, complexities and opportunities. One one level, that's true. Yet it's even more compelling to realize your root, root, root cause or derailment of every good thing. 

What energy am I coming from? runs much deeper than positive attitude, effectiveness tips, or getting enough sleep & exercise.

We are talking about a profound shift. 

Chances are there are ways you are trying to "achieve success" (or all the more sophisticated framing to phrase this- live your purpose, leave legacy, what I really want... notice how you might put it) that are not allowing your best breakthroughs. Or even allowing a chance at "better." We unintentionally choke our own flow. 

Seeing this is your ticket to freedom. To allowing the Inspired Leadership you are capable of to be mobilized. To making room for real prosperity and joy for what matters most. 

Some flavor of unconscious self-sabotage is normal for bright, highly accomplished leaders and caring human beings from various walks of life. We have inherited & accumulated beliefs, strategies, and patterns along the way, from birth to boardroom. Cultural stimulus continues every day. Inner triggers are reactivated every hour. 

It may be easy to see things "out there" that need to change, whether that's an annoying habit in one of your managers or international politics. However, at some point, we begin to realize the sobering, liberating, joyful truth of the invitation, "And let it begin with me." 

Know thyself is not a personal indulgence. It is a global imperative. -Paul Quinn

There are two sides to this precious coin.

You are responsible for creating your bright future. You are 100% responsible for your experience- your well being, success, good day or bad day, brilliant or botched-up performance review. Before you go, "Hey what about the other guy's..." let's agree that he's also 100% responsible for his experience and contribution.

The other side of "Let it begin with me" is about Love.

Genuinely conscious stewardship of of your Self is not selfish.

You can't really show up compassionately leading or collaborating with others if you bypass an unconditional love of self, including self-forgiveness and other fun frolics of an enlightened playground (a.k.a. awesome place to work, innovate & sustain prosperous growth). 

You can't be a conduit for Inspired Leadership expressing as Love in action (in your work, relationships, beneficial presence in your building or on the planet) unless you are filled with Love. This is not gooey at all. We're talking about Love with a capital L- Life Force, Infinite, Unconditional, Fierce...(except when it's tender and nourishing to the core of your being.) 

Let it begin with me means let Love begin with loving YOU. Let Love love you. And then let it keep flowing through you. 

This is way harder than it sounds. And paradoxically simple, because it is the absolute natural way to be your True Self. How life is meant to be. How it could be.

But we forget that every day. 

Waking up inspired is about remembering who you are, how profoundly loved you always are, and allowing the evolutionary, creative imperative within you to move you forward. 

Let Love lead the new way.

We might need to say this to ourselves and affirm this in each other a million times a day. It's so easy to skip this (or think we are loving ourselves enough) and have "let it begin with me" prompt achieving, checking to do's off lists, rather than truly sustainable flow. 

There's a big difference between reacting from the mind's idea of responsibility and flowing from Response-Ability. This is simple in it's purity, yet not easy to live every day. 

Unconditional Love wants to love every molecule of the human condition, especially those aspects of us that may be hiding out in our subconscious basement closets. The top game-changing leadership work is revealing many high achievers have buried wounds and stories (that we thought we had already processed years ago), still insidiously running the show. Actually ruining the show. So, now, we get to realize that we can upgrade our inner programming, to stop perpetuating patterns and be open to amazing potential. 

As I was writing this page, I was humbled by a wonderful new appreciation of the these two sides of an inner peace-outer performance, infinity loop: The Beatles song, "Nothing's gonna change my world" and Gandhi's "Become the change you want to see in the world." 

In an illuminating experience with our client, Jack, we dove into a process of identifying his "inner board of directors."  We've known about ego vs. essence for a long while; e.g. hearing an "inner critic" negative channel or tuning into an "inner champion" positive station. After more than 20 years of working with leaders and the human effectiveness journey, there's a renewed, sacred wow about dimensions of energy beyond this binary inner debate club.  

Jack got more deeply in touch with how non-triggerable a dimension of his authentic higher intelligence could be. He could taste how connecting to that infinite truth can be like a power-washer of the conditioned mind's constrictive build-up, thus making room for the optimizing energy of what we called his Inspired Self. He could see the risk of just strategically trying to switch from a "lower negative" to a "higher positive," because of how clever his inner players can be. Recognizing this and exploring ways for him to optimize all of his choices was extremely liberating, with profound impact on how he gets to show up and outer results all over the place. 

For him to be the fulfilled, super-charged leader he's inspired to be, he's thrilled to be more able to come from a zone of "Nothing's going to change my inner world." This clear channel essence within him is not fooled by shiny objects, threats or default to-do lists and other limitations.

We also can realize that we get to be dancing with all of life, letting everything be there, no longer impeded by other things on the dance floor as obstacles. 

This takes lots of self mastery, compassion, willingness, courage, and fierce Love. It is, however, the best way to dance freely...enjoy meaning & money, inner peace & outer performance, and have the most fun while we be the change we want for our world. 


    Nothing's gonna change my world (click above for song) Enjoy!

    Nothing's gonna change my world (click above for song) Enjoy!