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Why Meditate; Myths, Moguls and Miracles


In the privilege of serving human potential optimization with bright leaders for 20+years, one reaches a fascinating relationship between pause and power. Imagine leaning into the paradox that your “most important job” is to do nothing (temporarily). This makes no sense on one level, yet may be the key wake up call of your life and of our time. What is the real secret to success? Consider the master pole vaulter who clears the highest bar and wins the event because of how well he backed up in order to take flight. Through many trials and attempts, he has the humbling, hard won wisdom the the secret to his highest potential is the quality and depth of his pause. The new Pause Pub began with a focus on meditation. However, it became obvious that this is just one expression of essential pauses for unleashing your greatest potential. Consider a thoughtful time-out for key strategic decisions, a “balcony view” conversation that might change your mind, business trajectory or change your life, or a mature, masterful pause (that gets you back in your true power rather than unintentional self-sabotage) when you notice you are emotionally triggered in a meeting, just to name a few! I keep bumping into this same truth. The root cause of every desired outcome is a powerful pause.

Let’s start with meditation. Why might hitting the pause button (including some form of meditation) be your most important job? (Yep, not your only job, of course, but what if this is a game-changer?) There’s a mountain of science-backed data by now. People like news anchor Dan Harris debunk common myths and declare meditation to be the new public health revolution. New studies prompt journalists to call meditation the miracle cure for every aspect of life.

“An increasing number of tech moguls swear by meditation as the key to their success.”
— Business Insider

Here’s a deeper truth. There is an infinite well of intelligence, creativity and possibility within you. There are also hidden, mostly subconscious bugs in your system trying to hijack your choices. As Mr. Harris says, “voices in your head” trying to yank you around. If you don't gain some mastery over these inner attempts at hostile takeovers, you'll never flourish in the greater joy and prosperity that's actually available.

The more you do hit the pause button, you gain the ability to consciously respond rather than react. Most people don’t even realize that they are reacting from faulty inner programming trying to run things.

So how often and how well are you hitting pause? This could include meditation AND a wisdom walk amongst the redwoods, an insight-provoking meeting with your coach to get ready for that big meeting or big decision, or a three-month pause off the doing machine to tap into your true yeses, conscious no’s, and greatest possibilities. This is indeed game-changing. Even 5 minutes could make a difference.

Start wherever you are. If you’re interested in managing stress or sleep, and want to try on just five minutes, great. If you are curious about coming from your best self and open to experiment with longer meditation practices, and shift your state of consciousness over time, also great. I hope you noticed I did not say “even better.” With busy leaders, I’ve found how important it is to be cognizant of the set up (inner and outer). What is it that will truly set you up to succeed, (smart outer structure and support) not just try and give up, or beat yourself up (inner saboteur sneaking in).

CEOs are coming out of the closet… as being meditators. There’s nothing touchy-feely about increased profits. Stress-reduction and mindfulness don’t just make us happier and healthier, they’re a proven competitive advantage for any business that wants one.
— Arianna Huffington

The buzz about meditation and mindfulness has moved from the ashram and athletes to top business leadership and workplace culture. Studies reveal benefits including 120% rise in productivity, and 520% increase in profit after having employees meditate twice daily.  

5 successful business leaders use meditation to improve
productivity, creativity, and business acumen

Jeff Weiner, CEO, LinkedIn

Jeff Weiner, CEO, LinkedIn

Mark Bertolini, CEO, Aetna

Mark Bertolini, CEO, Aetna

“It’s critical to invest in the human machine in trying to eliminate stressors to build resiliency.” -Mark Bertolini

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What is the secret to liberating your superpowers? If you asked me for the most important tool or edge, this is it; a hit the pause button practice that equips you to come from your true potential (rather than trying harder to succeed from an accumulation of “old paradigm” strategies and outdated programming in your inner human operating system).

What is running you?

Thus, what is actually trying to run your business and your life?

Do you really know?


Consider no longer being derailed by that part of your mind that distracts you from wiser thoughts and choices, or subconsciously trying to earn a cookie or something, repeatedly getting in the way of realizing your full potential (or just having a good or bad day)! 

What if there is one game-changing question that is the root cause of all of your desired outer outcomes and even greater possibilities? I have come to humbly and deeply appreciate the true key is our inner state of consciousness.

The power question is What energy am I coming from? in each moment.

Imagine a new kind of I.T. [Inner Technology], upgrading your inner programming, equipping you with a whole new ability for relating to everything that shows up in your path. Then, in each meeting, email, etc., you get to flow effectively from your best self with inspired Response-Agility.

Don’t try to lead with your mind full.

What if you could really be free from the ties that bind your genius from taking flight. What if we could give you a magic elixir to open your creativity, ability to play well with others, and receive inspired ideas just when you need them most?

Let go of what you think you may know about various things called “meditation.” A client and I had a great chat about this, clarifying that it’s not just about getting busy people to relax or focus. It’s much more about that root cause (or derailment) of your fulfillment, and optimal possibilities in your business, life and all of the lives you touch, maybe for generations to come.

Not so SofT?

The Navy Seals say it’s not physical capability, but mental toughness and emotional resilience that cultivate an incredible advantage. If we could package mediation into a little pill, the label might read: 

reduce stress, better health, improve concentration, clearer thinking, boost creativity and performance, enhance communication and cooperation of teams, optimize left-brain-right brain integration, clarity, focus, feeling grounded and inspired sense of purpose, ability to think innovatively, productive flow, being in a positive zone for optimal work and enjoying the day, ability to not be triggered, gain mastery over emotions, less worry, more effectiveness, strengthen immune system, reduce pain, reverse disease, improve personal and professional relationships, increase in other people wanting to support you and what you are up to, less fear, doubt or limiting thoughts, increased patience, calm & happiness, self-compassion and confidence, feel more aligned with your purpose, fuel being a better friend, partner, leader, colleague, lover of life and inspired, conscious global citizen- contributing to the evolution of all beings everywhere. :-)

Might you take 5 out of the 1440 minutes in each day? The wisest teachers tell us this at some point; we think we have many problems, when we only really have one. This one thing could be framed very simply as lack of control over our conditioned mind, a symptom of being out of alignment with our best self. “The one change that changes everything” ancient mystics and modern change-agents say. Gosh, why not try (or renew) a smart habit that could change your life?

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” 
— Albert Einstein

When Gandhi was asked, "How on earth did you free a nation from the most powerful empire at the time, without ever firing a shot?" he replied, "I emptied myself and became an instrument." 


We all want to succeed at our mission, whether that's be the change or just have an enjoyable, productive week, right? :) 


What if there's a paradox of letting go and "emptying" in order to accomplish what you really want? I've been humbled at the deeper layers of human conditioning hiding inside myself, clients and colleagues. I am ever more excited about how to liberate our greater possibilities, coming from the right zone of inspired power. 

In my deepest heart, this is what I want to share with you; freedom. Freedom from the self-punishing and performance-pushing voices in our heads (especially the ones you are not fully aware of trying to run you). Freedom from the cultural constraints insidiously suppressing you from being your best self and enjoying the life you are meant to lead. Freedom to be the instrument you are uniquely here to be. We need your aliveness and your no-more-avoiding authenticity unleashed and we want you to be happy.

You are the common denominator in everything that happens in your life and business. Addressing what’s happening inside of you is the only way to truly transform what you experience on the outside.
— The Hendricks Institute

Imagine workplaces and a whole new world where more of us get to come from that spirit of infinite potential; oh the innovations and new paradigm solutions that could flow. And the parties we’d get to have; laughing and celebrating, allowing vulnerability and authentic connections, working hard and having fun, helping each other wake up inspired and fall asleep grateful.

Life becomes a gift to open every day. Your life becomes a gift for who and what you love.

It all starts with your willingness to hit the pause button and breathe. Paradoxically to stop a kind of drivenness & trying harder and really pause to power up from the best selves within and among us. It is the smartest thing you can do for yourself and for the world.

Know thyself is not a personal indulgence. It is a global imperative.
— Paul Quinn

“From a mind filled with infinite love comes the power to create infinite possibilities. We have the power to think in ways that reflect and attract all the love in the world. Such thinking is a choice available to us in any instant.”
 – Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles 

Cutting back on meditation in times of stress is about the dumbest thing you can do. I’m convinced that mediation is one of the best investments an organization’s leaders can make. 
— Director, Recruitment and Training