We’re Glad You Are Here


Dear Friend,

I know you’ve been working hard to keep up with it all. Guess what? I have great news for us. There is a better, smarter way to live. And an even more amazing future for all of us. We get to wake up inspired, make a difference, sustain a lifestyle and fall asleep grateful. 

Now it’s time for you to lift your spirit, access the power of your right brain more, integrative business success, and discover exciting new ways achieve our best lives and businesses ever. 

We need to gather for strength, nourishment, fun, wisdom, real breakthroughs and momentum. This is essential in the realm of integrating consciousness/ mindfulness/ wisdom and business success. You are not alone in feeling a pull towards something greater. Imagine feely fully met, challenged, & energized.

  • Enjoy provocative discussions with a growing community of smart, fun, growth-seeking achievers.

  • Gain incredible support from a master certified coach and group accountability cheering you on.

What are your healthy longings for "right tribe"? What are the new conversations you'd love to be engaged in? I really want to know- email Marian@MarianBaker.com 

The more I learn, the more I realize I need to learn… and let go of. We need to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses (or the Dow Jones) and embrace keeping up with a higher Truth, fueled by deeper inspiration.

This new wave of Inspired Leadership concepts, tools, and evolving community are inspired by decades of study, experimenting, and privilege of coaching accomplished professionals since 1996. Is it an easy pop-one-pill or get-rich-quick fix? No. Is it richer and worth the effort to learn transformational tools and make new friends along the way? Yes, that’s absolutely the intention, that I/ we will be committed to. 

Don’t take my word for it– explore for yourself. See what could fuel a whole new way for you to love your life and “be the change” your future self is calling you to embrace.

I look forward to supporting you, to provocative conversations to help you in your inspired mission. We'll share new mind-shifting, life-changing tools, and the best beyond business as usual resources that I can find and create for us. I also look forward to the gifts, questions, challenges and celebrations You will bring to help us all grow together. Yay.