Are you in your true business or mostly busyness?

This is such a powerful question. You are cordially invited to join me in this exploration, ok?  I had a toe in a shark tank yesterday. Not really a shark tank. They were absolutely lovely, smart people, and I loved the questions and challenges.

Hmm, how might we know if we are in our true business rather than busyness? How does it feel in your body? When you wake up, when you hit the pillow each night? What does your business want to be when it grows up? Who are you, really? What are you here for? What is a Yes, that won't take no for an answer, but you are not leaping with that Yes. And maybe you can't bring yourself to "be all you can be." You might feel stuck- want to leap into that higher greater something, yet can't leave the good?  We create our own wreck tangles of hidden resistance or old wounds. I get to help my clients get past their past stories. See if this might be you, too-- Maybe you got blindsided, or the rug pulled out once upon a time, or your feel like you are betraying yourself, living the life/doing the business in a certain groove, but you don't know how to break out of this.  

One thing that will not help us let our greatest potential and prosperity flourish is that Busyness. You know, that rope-a-dope of an inner accomplisher, outer pressure, lists and schedules trying to run the show. Lately I've been playing with noticing "Demander" and "Dancer" energy in me, and how I want to always be dancing, coming from True Spirit, grace, flow, not forcing or shoving onto the dance floor with someone else's choreography instructions, thank you. Maybe our first step is admitting we are powerless over getting that inner demander voice to shut up- ha! But we are certainly not powerless if we realize we can breathe, and choose to accept, welcome, and pour love into a little part of our selves underneath that "trying," stemming from an ancient fear. Remember "False Expectations Appearing Real" ? Anyone want to do a shot with me on that one? OK, maybe a yoga class and tea? I'm up for either. 

It's so easy to get seduced by shiny objects, the latest tip for how to succeed in today's market and so on. Let's all breathe again. Or maybe a dance break. Really. 

Change and emergence are in the air. How are you feeling? I've had fascinating conversations with senior execs and CEOs who lean in and say, "Marian, can I tell you something I haven't told anyone else?" They are outwardly successful, at the top of their game, but not waking up inspired. They are supposed to be the Chief Inspiration Officer for a whole bunch of people and maybe even "be the change" but they've lost that lovin feeling or have lost their sure footing.  Something's knocking from inside, but they can't quiet take the leap- for themselves, or for the business. They're kind of going along and the calendar pages fly and it's great but not greatest potential big calling fulfillment or impact and real joy. Ain't nothing but the real thing, baby. They KNOW they are meant to be and do something more, are wondering about true purpose and path, with a restless calling wanting to emerge. It's a wonderful pull with a very strange pain. I have the privilege of helping these leaders to trade in their track shoes for their true wings and soar.