The surprising secret to prevent pitfalls of ineffective leadership, increase joyful success.

What if there’s a surprising secret to prevent pitfalls of ineffective and un-fun leadership and increase coming from your true potential and fuel joyful success? It may sound too small or simple. But I swear this is foundational to game-changing conscious leadership and all the ripple effects. (Read More) Audio/podcast version of post here:

Let's breathe!

I’m pairing these two audios/ practice helpers for you here with this theme of breathing and simply being.

Here’s a longer meditation from one of my favorite teachers, Adyashanti. [Some might say that the Adyashanti meditations are “more advanced.” I don’t know if that’s necessarily so. I find him to be a wonderful integration of profound and practical, master-level non-duality teachings and down-to-earth accessible. Try it and see for yourself.] Let me know any questions or comments!